Perfecting the Consultation!

Meeting a new hairstylist can be scary.  Whether you loved your last hairstylist who moved away or you were traumatized by a past hair experience, chances are you are nervous to meet your new stylist.  As such, the initial consultation very well may be the most important step of your first visit.  There is a lot of art and science in the consultation on the stylist's end.  Here are some of the aesthetic factors your stylist is considering when chatting with you:

  • Complexion (fair, cool, olive, dark, tan, etc.)
  • Face Shape (oval, round, oblong, square, heart, etc.)
  • Eye Color
  • Hair Texture (fine, medium, coarse)
  • Hair Density (thin, medium, thick)
  • Hair Elasticity (straight, wavy, curly)
  • Hair Length (short, medium, long)
  • Hairline and Neck Length (low, medium, high)

Additionally, your stylist is thinking chemistry:

  • Current Hair Color (natural, ash, blonde, gold, brown, copper, violet, red)
  • Current Chemical State of Hair (permanently colored, highlighted, chemically straightened, bleached)
  • Existing Hair Conditions (healthy, dry, split ends, etc.)

To ensure that we understand your hair needs as best as possible, we are enhancing our appointment requests for new guests! When submitting appointment requests via our website, new guests now have the option to upload a photo of their current hair, as well as a photo of their inspiration/goal hair.  This will allow us to identify the team members we feel best for your desired service.  Once your appointment is scheduled, your stylist will start brainstorming and finding inspiration pictures to help you achieve the look you love!