Appointment Availability in 2018!

Our New Year's resolution is to reduce appointment wait times.  In 2017, Bobby Mack & Co grew bigger and faster than we ever could have dreamed!  What started in 2015 as just two stylists grew into eight by early 2017.  A huge "thank you" to our team for staying on top of their craft and also to our current guests for being so wonderful and spreading such kind word-of-mouth!  Our growth would have been impossible without these factors.  Even with eight amazing stylists behind the chair and two front desk coordinators trying their very best, we were unable to schedule as many new guests as we would have liked.

Two more amazing talents will be joining the team this January, allowing us to meet more guests and to create more beautiful hair!  If you are already on the waitlist, we thank you for your patience.  We know waiting is never fun and we would have loved to been able to accommodate sooner.  If you are interested in a 2018 appointment, please send a reminder email with your availability by visiting the "Appointments" page of our website.  We look forward to meeting you and taking care of your hair needs in 2018 and beyond!

Please note that, while our availability will open up, weeknight and weekend appointments tend to still have the longest wait times, as these slots align with most guests' outside-of-work availability.